Hey! It's your favorite Sugar Rush racer here! No matter what anyone says, I'm more than just a palette swap!

I've been known to snap if I'm referred to as if a palette swap is all I am, and... well... I have access to guns... so beware.

I've had kind of a bad time lately, but I know that I can get through it with the help of my friends!

Status: 22... and things.

Perm!A/code change: Can become Bubblebetty Gummipop whenever she wants

Original bio:


(Citrusella Flugpucker roleplay blog)

((Three that wouldn’t go in the photoset:




Jubileena: ask-jubileena

Candlehead: ask-the-candleheaded-girl

Citrusella: citrusella-flugpucker

This is us cosplaying at Circle Centre Mall on Friday.

We played a bunch of games at Tilt, the arcade, and went to a couple stores, including a candy store! We also later got cookies and then after everything, I went and watched WIR in 3D with Jubi! :D

And we took lotsa pictures! And made a video!))