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((To be fair, though, there would be two whole completely playable zones in this version if they’d managed to properly update the collision boxes on Sonic 1’s Green Hill. :P))


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((To that person I’ve been ask RPing with: I’m really sorry, but I’m gonna have to drop it. I’ll be happy to RP with you again, I just can’t think of any responses.))

((Sims 3 forum users make me laugh. Way to assume everyone thinks like you and uses your definition of “ideal”.))


I give to you Amputee Sliders. I always wanted a leg amputee so that I could make my father and now I can.

(All slider are for all ages and Gender)

Amputee- Arm [ Nose ]
Amputee- Leg  [ Nose ]


*added March 4th 2014*(Now you can have both arms/legs affected.
    Amputee- Arm (Left) [ Nose ]
    Amputee- Arm (Right) [ Nose ]
    Amputee- Leg (Left) [ Nose ]
    Amputee- Leg (Right) [ Nose ]



Since both the arm and leg shrink and go up into their parts, you can wear different shoes/gloves/rings/socks without floating objects on the invisible limb. Although high socks/gloves will show, but they are not floating, so, smile face.

*Setting Sliders*

The arms one you have to set the Toddler-Child whenever they age as the stump at full EA setting will look off. However, Teen-Elder you will want on max EA setting (Left or Right)

Legs are fine at max EA setting (Left or Right). There is no need to adjust the setting per age group. However, on older male Sims the leg stump gap is larger than the females. This isn’t very noticeable. At least I didn’t notice until I zoomed in.

Many animations work fine, such as, opening the fridge and playing soccer (football), however invisible ghost arm/legs are performing them. This cannot be help.


*Small List of Glitches* (There are more but these are the noticeable ones)

Amputee Arm Glitches

Right Arm

                1. Dip kiss glitches for a moment

                2. Stoke Cheek

                3. Give Flowers

                4. Hold hands

                5. Receiving and giving flowers

                6. Toddler - playing xylophone and pegbox

Left Arm

                1. Hold hands

                2. Receiving and giving flowers

Leg Amputees Glitches

                1. All ages sitting interactions (chair/couch/floor)

                2. Using Sketchbook on the floor


Here are some useful crutches (YA-E)(MF) F&L Club


Term of USE:

Don’t claim as your own, if you can please link back, and don’t post slider for upload on another site. Um…that’s it. (If the sliders are no longer on devinart I will post on mediafire (from Tumbler) but I use devinart as I never had a problem downloading.)

Amputee Sliders


Other sliders by me

((Holy crepe I love this))


Shakespeare’s 450th birthday party:  Ask us Anything!

Adam Hooks, assistant professor of English at here at the University of Iowa, and Colleen Theisen, Special Collections Outreach and Instruction Librarian will be online live from 1pm-3pm [Central time] on Monday April 21st, during the week of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Now is your chance to ask Professor Hooks your burning questions about Shakespeare or being a Shakespeare scholar!  Also on hand will be historic, unusual, beautiful, and forged editions of Shakespeare’s works from Special Collections!

Type your questions now or live on Monday!  


((Pfft, this is in the radar a few days late!))


people who try to excuse what hans did


((Chloe! We’re going to the Southern Isles!))

((*feels… meh*))




((Not sure if an actual arcade console or just a Genesis in a box…because if there’s an arcade console playing Sonic 2 Alpha, I NEED IT FOR SCIENCE))

((I don’t think the cabinet exists anymore but…

http://info.sonicretro.org/Nick_Arcade (That one has links to videos that might help ascertain how the cabinet worked re: made-for-cabinet or Genesis inside.))