Hey! It's your favorite Sugar Rush racer here! No matter what anyone says, I'm more than just a palette swap!

I've been known to snap if I'm referred to as if a palette swap is all I am, and... well... I have access to guns... so beware.

I've had kind of a bad time lately, but I know that I can get through it with the help of my friends!

Status: 22... and things.

Perm!A/code change: Can become Bubblebetty Gummipop whenever she wants

Original bio:


(Citrusella Flugpucker roleplay blog)
Anonymous sent:
Anna or Elsa


((Aaaand the family portrait is so wigged out. DX))

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((I actually managed to stably update my game to the latest patch without literally everyone freezing!))



STOP shipping real people, or at least poke holes in the box

I saw this post four times before I understood the joke




jackie knows.

thank you uncle jackie

Fist bump

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((Why yes, Tumblr. I DO want to see foxhorror sponsored posts right in the middle of my dash even though I’ve blocked them! That’s a fantastic idea!))


I have to reboot this today!

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Pizza PrincessĀ 


I was going to do a serious edit for Litwak but instead this happened